Hi everyone!

This is a collection of the Kdrama-related fiction stories I've written over the years. Some are Korean drama fanfics, some are Kvariety fanfics and others are original stories written for a Korean Drama audience.

Starting in November, I plan to write a short story every month.

Till then, enjoy!

Finding A Bridge: Sequel To My Name Is Kim Sam Soon

Poster credit: alodia@soompi

Written: 2006
Length: About 40K Words
Synopsis: It's a canon fanfiction that takes place after the end of the original My Name Is Kim Sam Soon MBC drama. It follows the ups and downs of the Jin Heon - Sam Soon relationship as they attempt to transition from lovers to a married couple. It's set in Seoul even though there are some scenes at some other locations. It's written like a drama and with all the leads in character.
Cast: Main characters and some new characters. Actors are Hyun Bin and Kim Sun Ah

Coffee House Fanfiction: One Second Too Late

Poster Credit: SBS

Written: 2010
Length: About 10K Words
Synopsis: This fanfic tells the story of unexplained parts about the Jin Soo/Eun Young history in the SBS drama Coffee House. It's set in the 10 years prior to the first episode of the drama and explains how the couple missed their chance of love then.
Cast: Main except Kang Seung Yeon. Actors are Park Si Yeon and Kang Ji Hwan
Link: http://1second2late.blogspot.com/

JoongBo Fanfic: No Quitting For Love

Photo Credit: MBC

Written: 2008
Length: About 10K Words
Synopsis: It's a fanfiction based on the Hwangbo - Kim Hyun Joong fake marriage of the MBC variety show, We Got Married. It was spontaneously written in a Joongbo chatroom and I cleaned it up a few months later and posted it.
Cast: Hwangbo and Kim Hyun Joong

Original Fanfiction: Wrong Foot First

Photo Credit: SBS

Written: 2006 (Wrong Foot First); 2007 (With One Foot In)
Length: 55K and 80K
Synopsis: It tells a simple story of two neighbors who start off as enemies and end up in love. It's set in Seoul and the characters are in high school. Family relationships are also explored in this story. The sequel begins nine years later and is also set in Seoul.
Characters: All original characters. The main characters are Kim Hee Soo and Park Ji Tae

The Honeymoon

Photo Credit: Me

Completed: 2010
Length: About 80K Words
Synopsis: A jilted bride has a fling with a mysterious man in Aruba. What happens when they are back in Seoul?
Characters: Original. Shin and Ji Won

Incomplete Stories

The Consequences Of You And Me
Estimated Date Of Completion: TBD; Over 90% posted
Length: Over 80K
Synopsis: A teenage girl relocates to Washington, DC and is torn between her boyfriend in Seoul and her new best friend.
Characters: Original
Link: Consequences

Too Smart For Love
Estimated Date Of Completion: TBD; About 10% posted
Length: Too early to tell
Synopsis: A woman who doesn't believe in love and a man who's lost in love meet at work.
Characters: Original
Link: Too Smart For Love